Kamagra, Red Bull, And Other Stimulants

The rising popularity of Kamagra as a treatment for impotence or erectile dysfunction has opened up a lot of questions about the product. One of these is the safety of the medicine when taken with some common stimulant such as Red Bull and alcohol.


Kamagra And Red Bull

Everyone who has been following the health news headline knows that Red Bull was under scrutiny recently. Concerns were raised citing the observed incidence of hypertension, convulsions, heart palpitations connected with drinking the popular energy drink. In fact, some European countries like France, Norway, and Denmark initially banned the drink due to its perceived health risks due to its high caffeine content.

However, the ban was eventually lifted due to insufficient evidence. Studies on the adverse reaction in mixing Kamagra and Red Bull are limited, so the issue is still a bit blurry. Until the perceived risks can be cleared scientifically, you can play it safe by drinking Red Bull only when not taking Kamagra.

Kamagra And Alcohol

At the moment, what is known with certainty is that Kamagra, as well as Viagra, should not be taken with alcohol. Since alcohol is a vasodilator, the blood pressure lowering effects of Kamagra can be enhanced, which can be dangerous for anyone. The same restriction should be observed by men who are taking nitrate meds for heart problems.

Other Things To Avoid

We all know that eating fatty food is not healthy. However, those who have erectile problems must avoid it even more. Eating fatty food as well as obesity can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. In addition, a fatty diet will lessen or slow down the effect of Kamagra.

Meanwhile, researchers have noted an increased use of Sildenafil for recreational purposes. Actually, there is a hidden risk in this practice. If you are a sexually healthy male but still use Kamagra or Viagra for recreational purposes, you might end up depending too much on the medication. A time may come that you won’t achieve sufficient penile erection without taking the drug. It should be remembered that any drug should only be taken if cure a symptom and not for recreation.

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